I have designed my fee structure to be as simple as possible.

There is no typical family history, so I don’t try and fit clients into a set package.
Perhaps you already have some information and just want to fill in the gaps?

All my client projects are bespoke so that I provide what you want. I will advise on what may be possible or which areas of research are likely to be most fruitful.

My fee for research, analysis and reporting is £20 per hour, inclusive of travel expenses for local research.

In addition to this will be the cost of purchasing essential birth, marriage and death certificates, currently £7 or £11 (cost price), depending upon type and time period.

I might also advise the purchase of other documents, for example, a copy of a will currently reduced to £1.50, if I consider it may reveal useful information to add to your family history. 

Often clients prefer to pay as they go meaning you are in control of your budget. Blocks of 3 hours of work is a popular choice.

Please see Terms and Conditions for full information about fees and methods of payment.

I am always happy to discuss how my services might work for you.

You can reach me through my contact page for a discussion, an estimate, or advice, all without obligation.