I offer the following services:

A Family History Book which is my most popular service. I will research your family history, on both paternal and maternal lines, back to your 16 great, great grandparents. This will take you back to the start of civil registration in 1837, and quite possibly earlier.

This package includes:

At least 10 hours of research, covering civil registration and parish records, the census, records of service in the armed forces, probate records, newspaper articles and anything else that the research leads me to. I then develop the results of the research into a fully referenced narrative, placing your ancestors into an economic and social context. Any copyrighted records will be transcribed.

I will also provide family trees which will be discussed while the project is ongoing.

Also included will be a minimum of 6 birth, marriage or death certificates. The completed narrative report will be printed on archive quality paper and placed in a spring backed binder of your choice of orientation and colour.

I will also provide you with a digital pdf of the narrative report.

Please note that there is no guarantee that I will be able to locate all direct ancestors in each pedigree line. Not all records have survived, but that is the exception rather than the rule.The cost of this package is £350, which can be paid in instalments. Before purchasing, a free assessment needs to be carried out. If you would like more infomation please get in touch through the contact button.       


      Bespoke Research  All families are different and your needs may best be met by bespoke research. If your ancestry stems from England, Wales or Scotland, drop me a message via the contact button to discuss how I can help you. My fee for research and reporting is £25 per hour. For an example of what a bespoke piece of research can look like, the following link will take you to a profile of my grandmother, born in 1897. 
      Click here  


      Gift Vouchers can often solve the problem of what to buy for the person who has everything. I will create a personalised gift letter for the value of your choice. £25 will buy one hour of my time.

      Clients often ask me about the process of the research, how will the project be carried out etc. Here is a brief timetable of events when you decide to use my services.

      • You complete a proforma providing me with the information you already have, however brief that is.
      • I carry out a free 30- minute assessment to establish whether the research is feasible.
      • I draft a research plan which we both need to agree to before any work begins


      The great majority of families will have some involvement with the armed forces, which is not surprising considering the 2 global conflicts in the first half of the 20th century.

      Did they find themselves on the wrong side of the law or relying on the workhouse to survive?

      Perhaps they left these shores to start new lives elsewhere?

      Occupations took people across the globe. My husband’s ancestors were copper and tin miners in Cornwall who would fit beautifully into a scene from Poldark!

      Click here (Cornish Miners) to read more about the realities of life for Cornish miners.

      Or will you be one of the approximately 10% of British people who claim recent Irish descent as I do?

      One of the most exciting aspects of family history is the totally unexpected being revealed! 


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