Family History is a very personal thing and a bespoke piece of research is usually the most appropriate way to meet customer need.

However for those at the beginning of their family history journey my starter package may be appropriate.

For this package I will research one line of your family in England or Wales, either paternal or maternal, back to the start of civil registration in 1837. Sources used will include the following:

  • Birth, marriage and death records
  • Census records 
  • Military records if appropriate
  • Local newspapers
  • Any other appropriate records

Researching employment records can provide added depth to a story. Click here to discover how Cornish miners took their skills all over the world. 

All families are different so please use the contact page to outline your requirements and I will respond usually within 24 hours and often much sooner. I will carry out a free initial assessment to ensure the project can be carried through and then supply you with a quote for the cost of the work. 

The average cost for a 1 line history is £240 covering up to 4 or 5 generations. This includes the purchase of up to 8 BMD certificates which cost £9.25 each or £6 if a digital copy is available.
The average cost for a 2 line history is £450 covering up to 4 or 5 generations. The 2 line history will include up to 16 BMD certificates as detailed above.
The average time to complete this type of package is 3 months.

But give me your budget and I'll let you know what is possible. It is perfectly feasible to research one generation at a time thereby spreading the cost.

Or as an alternative, why not consider my One Person package? You select an individual from your ancestors and I will find out everything I can about that person. This works best for someone born before the start of the 20th century when sufficient records will be available. The cost for this is £150

Click here to see an example of a One Person package.
The subject is my grandmother but 95% of the information is taken from official records. This illustrates that, even without family stories being handed down, it is possible to reveal a detailed and interesting story. You can, of course, provide any photographs, to be included in your own package.

 All packages, including my One Person package will contain the following

  • A detailed narrative report interpreting and referencing the sources used and placing the lives of your ancestors in social and geographical context.
  • The certificates that I have purchased to carry out the research as well as copies of all other documentation used.
  • A printed pedigree chart
  • Purchase of BMD certificates, rather than relying on indexes, is essential to confirm accurate and full information. Your report and documentation can be provided in either a soft or hard backed folder or as an email attachment, whichever you choose as appropriate to your needs.